Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coal Terminal and Community: KUOW Visits Our Home

Ashley Ahearn of KUOW visited our home to talk about what many folks are in Washington State have been talking about - coal terminals. She recorded a dinner conversation with Lisa and labor leader Mark Lowry. There is a right up where-coal-divides-community-remains. The story ran this morning on KUOW.

Raven did the cooking and I was relegated to the kitchen as well where we had a much more relaxing meal not being recorded.

Lisa and Mark disagree on this issue, but also recognize that we are all humans and one disagreement ought not to divide us as a community. The outside forces and passions the coal terminal project has brought should be viewed as such - outside forces forcing members of a community to take positions on things they never dreamed about.

The coal terminal issue is being so extensively covered and researched I have for the most part been leaving it alone on this blog as I am not sure I can add much except little bits here and there.

I will say that I am proud of Lisa and glad that our we have a community leader like Mark that can disagree without being disagreeable.  

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