Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lost and Found in the Field: Minor Cause of Celebration

Somewhere on the east side of Mount Baker below a forested but rocky ridge there is a 3-pound sledge hammer that I inadvertently left at an outcrop. By the now the wood handle is likely gone. It is the one hammer I lost in the field. I figured out that is where I left it the next morning, but the level of effort required to return to the site was not worth the hammer. I replaced that hammer with "The Enforcer" a 5-pound sledge that nearly all rocks would yield to when collecting samples.

A week ago I came back from a field adventure and realized my Brunton Compass was missing. How? It was on my belt. Running the day back, I realized I had slid my camera off my belt and tossed it to an associate to take a picture of a feature he was much better positioned to photograph. While Pulling the camera case off my belt the Brunton followed it. In this case a retrieval was worth the effort. Five minutes of looking around the surmised location and, Yes...

Found it!


Dave Wenning said...

It was well camouflaged to boot!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you found that Brunton - too expensive to leave behind! I lost a hammer in a remote area of Montana and retraced two miles to find it - and I found it!