Friday, January 13, 2012

A Few Work Notes from the "Field"

A mix of small field site visits this week. After really mild weather it felt a bit chilly in the morning. Not much detail on this post - just a sample of the stuff I did this week.

Sand and gravel deposit

Foreset beds at another pit

Another sand and gravel pit

I found the way rocks were accumulating at the base of the slope of this pit wall interesting. The bigger rocks with more momentum traveled further. Sometimes a fair distance further than the vast majority of the pebbles and cobbles. The funny thing is I realized that I more often seem to be at gravel pits in the winter when it has been cold and the pit wall just starts to thaw. Lots of rocks ravel out of the pit wall in that scenario.

Raveling pit wall

The opposite of sand and gravel - swamp. Got my feet wet on this project

I always enjoy seeing frost action at work. Ice lifting pebbles

Visited a dairy for some work on the environmental side

Manure waste lagoon

Had some time waiting for the Port Townsend ferry so checked out the beach nourishment

Dredge and barge from the ferry at Keystone

Tough going on steep slope

Fine view of container traffic in Admiralty Inlet with Mount Baker

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