Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Water Views

I headed east for a combination of Turkey Day and other activities so posting opportunities have been limited as it should be. Departure from Seattle provided a great view of the third runway storm water pond for treating storm water run off from all that pavement.

Next we had a great view of a sediment plume in the South Sound between Seattle and Tacoma. Heavy rain fall had generated a plug of sediment discharged into the sound.

The source of a at least part of the sediment was evident in the muddy waters of Commencement Bay in Tacoma from the Puyallup River.

Then the ground was obscured with clouds but with a brief break to see Lake Tapps, a glacial carved depression on the uplands east of Tacoma.

Then a long stretch of clouds with only very fuzzy views of eastern Washington before seeing a nice meandering river somewhere in Montana. Not entirely sure where this was as it was a brief view of the ground before more clouds.

Things cleared up over North Dakota which was fun as I had been in North Dakota for a spell this summer and recognized many features. I liked the image below because it shows that North Dakota is a watery state. Lots of ice age kettles and depressions filled with water.

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Doug McKeever said...

Dan, you are just like me in that when you have a window seat, all the person next to you sees is the back of you head since you have your face pressed against the window the whole time. You have some good pictures here, considering how it is difficult to take good images from a commercial airplane. Isn't it amazing how much the trained eye can see and understand from the air? As with your picture of the meandering stream somewhere in Montana, it is sometimes frustrating even for one who knows the landscape to suddenly have a view open up, after many miles of clouds, to a nice physiographic feature but not know exactly where or what it is!