Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Multiple stalks of digitalis in a clear cut

During July and August, tall stalks of digitalis bloom. These common bright flower stalks are biennials - that is they take two years to grow and then bloom. They vary in color with light purple being the most common, but white is common and we had one in our yard that was peach colored. I like the ones with little dots on the lower side of the flower. They seem to be calling bees to walk on in along the dots.

The name digitalis is in reference to the fact the flowers are just the right size to fit your digits into. Its common name is fox glove, but I have always referred to it as digitalis. It not a flower you should bring into your home or have in your yard with toddlers that like chomping plants. They are very toxic. They also are used to extract medicines for heart treatment.

These plants are amazing in their ability to pioneer disturbed ground and are very good at getting their seeds to spread. They are common along the roads and in clear cuts.
Digitalis flower stalks in a clear cut area with erratic rock placed on top of a stump.

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