Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big news out of Quilcene

Oysters at low tide, Dabob Bay with Toandos Peninsula on the right and Bolton Peninsula on the left.

I posted this picture of oyster beds on Dabob Bay at the upper end of Hood Canal before on a post regarding efforts to protect water quality for this very valuable resource. This large oyster crop covers hundreds of acres of tide flats. Last summer my wife and daughter were in Philadelphia. They called from the restaurant to tell me that Washington State Dabob oysters were on the menu. Shell fish are a very valuable Washington State industry.

Last week arrests were made by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Jefferson County Sheriff for theft of oysters and clams from both private and public tidelands in Dabob Bay and Hood Canal.
If it is true that theft was taking place, it was at a remarkably large scale and involved what appeared to be reputable companies. For several years my company shared an office building with an office of Washington State Department of Wildlife. I for one have always appreciated the work they do. They have a difficult task protecting our resources.

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