Monday, February 1, 2010

WDOT Video Simulation

I came across this video recently. I don't know much about the parameters of the model but a great demonstration of soil liquefaction and flow along a waterfront area. Piers do not hold up very well under flowing soil conditions.


Doug McKeever said...

Dan: The liquefaction sim. is fairly slow-paced and is very basic but is pretty cool! It shows the main reason why the Alaska Way viaduct is due to be replaced. After all, the similar double-decker freeway built on fill pancaked in Oakland in 1989. Thanks for the link!

Bob in the Pacific Northwest Wilderness said...

Dan: This is a very good simulation of what could happen. We forget the risks of living in earthquake country. After the 1963 earthquake piping in the sound that had been cut off below the surface reappeared above the water line.